About the organization

Our partner has a broad range of security and privacy products in their portfolio. However, their list of products lacked a VPN for a perfect completeness. That is why they started searching for a partner that could help them add a top-notch VPN service to their product line.

Challenges faced

The company faced real problems with establishing a wide network of VPN servers, customer 24/7 Support management, developing the client app, and providing the best-in-breed customer experience. Our partner’s developers also came up against a lack of experience in the development of proprietary protocols and network technologies, which are necessary for the appropriate performance of a VPN service. After they had encountered the abovementioned issues, they decided to dive deeper into finding a real partner that could provide them with a feature-rich white label VPN solution.

Solution deployed

After discussing a variety of issues, we came to a comprehensive decision. KeepSolid Inc. delivered our partner a ready-to-use white label solution, based on our own VPN service, taking into account all experience we've gathered in its marketing through the years. Customer 24/7 Support, server network implementation and maintenance, app updates according to the wishes of our partners and so on - we managed it on our own and granted our partner relief from the pain in the neck.

Impact of the Solution

Our partner widened the range of their security products that allowed them to carry out multiple profitable bundle sales campaigns, increase the value of their other products, improve most of the internal product stats, as well as increase the overall company's capitalization.