About the organization

Our partner is a large VoIP company covering a broad audience with its services. The company was seeking for an extra service to be implemented within its apps in order to provide the users with the most convenient and safe communication service.

Challenges faced

The company encountered certain difficulties concerning the geo-blocking of its apps in some countries, especially in the Middle East and Asia. Another issue was ensuring the safe communications for users while they were connected to public hotspots.

Solution deployed

KeepSolid Inc. provided a solution in the form of integration of its VPN service to the partner's VoIP apps. After the successful implementation of the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited SDK, the partner's users were able to make VoIP calls worldwide, at the same time being sure they were private and protected.

Impact of the Solution

The VPN integration allowed the company to increase revenue, acquire new customers, and refine its marketing strategy.