About the organization

Our partner is a messenger development company which has apps both for Android and iOS. The company serves a lot of users all over the world and provides various additional features along with usual messaging. They are constantly searching for new features and opportunities to succeed in the market competition.

Challenges faced

Trying to provide private messaging for their users, the partner's service was blocked in different countries. These blockades resulted in numerous user complaints, lowered rates in the app stores, and significantly reduced company's capitalization.

Solution deployed

Looking for a solution, our partners addressed us to provide them our comprehensive KeepSolid VPN Unlimited SDK. After conducting a smart integration of the SDK, we enabled the users to bypass these restrictions and enjoy the messenger in those countries where it was banned.

Impact of the Solution

The KeepSolid VPN Unlimited SDK integration and the consequently emerged ability to use our partner’s messenger in the geo-restricted regions led to the return of loyal users and to the significant increase in the company's capitalization.