About the organization

Our partner specialized in providing various internet services, in particular, one of his activity areas concerned cloud storages. They came to us in order to increase their customers' data security and also gain some competitive advantage.

Challenges faced

Despite the company was lucky to avoid the wave of hacker attacks and didn't experience that itself, there was an acute disturbance about safety of their users' sensitive data.

Solution deployed

As a result of a close cooperation of two companies, KeepSolid Inc. integrated its VPN SDK to the partner's cloud service. Thus, from that moment, all the personal data stored in the cloud became securely encrypted and protected from any hacker attacks and thefts, also making it impossible to intercept users' credentials in any way.

Impact of the Solution

The fresh built-in VPN feature helped to acquire new customers and increase the loyalty of the old ones, improved the app reliability and attractiveness, and promoted growth of profits.