About the organization

Our partner has a browser app which is available on Android and iOS platforms. His customers would like to have a higher privacy and security while surfing the web, and also an access to certain web resources which are blocked in their countries.

Challenges faced

Our partner experienced an issue of providing their users with additional security and privacy when they use public hotspots in cafes, shopping malls, parks, etc. The company also faced numerous difficulties with maintaining the whole infrastructure of web servers and bypassing various government firewalls.

Solution deployed

The partner received a handy and an easy-to-use VPN solution well-recognized among people who wanted to stay private while surfing the web. Multiple specific servers were deployed to provide the partner's users with the top-notch connection speed and stability.

Impact of the Solution

The KeepSolid VPN Unlimited SDK integration provided the users with cutting edge privacy options, as well as the ability to reach some specific geo-restricted content which was unavailable in their countries. That new feature, in addition to others, made possible to lower user acquisition costs and refine the overall marketing strategy. Among additional results, we should mention the increased customer satisfaction, decreased churn rate, and enhanced LTV.