Business Solutions

1.VPN Unlimited SDK

Your clients will duly appreciate the extra security of your application or service. Get a competitive edge by enhancing your product with a VPN software developed by professionals! Concentrate on doing what you’re best at and minimize outlays using our time-tested solution.


2.VPN Unlimited White Label

Wish to quickly penetrate the security market without spending too much resources and researching a new complex technology? Need to cut costs? Or want to probe an unfamiliar business area before diving headlong into it? VPN White Label is the most cost-effective solution for you.

GET VPN White Label

3.VPN Unlimited Router API

Plan on distributing WiFi routers empowered with VPN protection? Or need a secured WiFi network for your remote office or hotel infrastructure? We offer you a way to rocket your product value. Embed VPN Unlimited API to your routers and make the whole network safe and boundless.


Benefits for your business


Use our ready-to-go solutions to faster react to shifting market environment, or customize them to your liking.


Flexible monetization - pay for exactly the services you need. Cut costs while exploring new niches.


Professional advisory team will help you with integration, support, and marketing, leveraging your competition.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited features

Cross-platform Solution

Select the platforms for your VPN service: macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows

Cross-platform Solution
SDK documentation

Well-organized documentation that allows in shortest time launch your app.

SDK documentation
Application Development

Easily create your own VPN app or add new VPN features into existing apps

Application Development
Variety of protocols

OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, and other protocols compatible with all VPN servers.

Variety of protocols
Total protection for your users

Effective protection and top-grade encryption of sensitive data and web activities.

Total protection for your users
Own security technology

Extended access to any website or app with a special technology, KeepSolid Wise.

Own security technology

Flexible and cost-effective app software development kit for your business

  • Nurturing your own business from scratch is no easy task. Unless your organization is one of a kind and commands infinite resources, it’s important to take deliberate shortcuts here and there. Working smart in addition to working hard should be your go-to if you aim for your company to succeed.

  • This is where we enter the picture! KeepSolid’s solutions are highly versatile. SDK (software development kit) allows to enhance your own products. With white label, you can storm the markets right away, without investing time and money in the development process. And VPN Router API offers the way to add more security to any business revolving around WiFi networks.

  • Clients from numerous different industries have already been able to enjoy the security, simplicity, flexibility, and functionality of our products. This becomes especially relevant when you consider that our services include both desktop and mobile software development kits.

Our VPN solutions (software development kit, white label, VPN SDK for routers) are invaluable if you need:

  • To develop multilingual products that target international markets
  • Fast development process and great performance speed
  • Win over clients with high-quality and user-friendly software
  • Professional developers with expertise of developing security and privacy solutions in an array of business areas
  • To penetrate the swiftly-developing VPN security market
  • Full-fledged production teams staffed with specialists of all the key positions
  • Access both to the most popular security encryption and VPN protocols, including AES-128, AES-256, OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2, AND to those of our own invention, like KeepSolid Wise